Big Idea Fun
Includes Shockwave games, online greetings, coloring pages, puzzles, and wallpaper with Veggie Tales charcters.

History of the Advent Calendar
Historical information from a German company that makes Advent calendars.
Includes episode summaries of Veggie Tales, printable coloring pages, desktop sets, song lyrics, sound files.

A site that is a safe haven for teens and young adults.

ChildTel Ministries: Fun Stuff
Activities include some online books to read, a maze, a quiz, things to look up in the Bible, a message in the namual alphabet, and a word search.

North American Mission Board (Southern Baptist Convention) features games for kids, art work, mission projects, devotions, and Bible verses.

A community environment for Christian youth featuring articles, devotions, poetry, music news, and discussions.

A kids television show hosted by teenager Shauna Simmons and her puppet friends.

Dinosaurs and the Bible for Kids
Tells what the earth was like before the Flood. Offers the idea that people and dinosaurs were created at the same time, but that most of the dinosaurs drowned in the Flood.
Features trivia, jokes, chat, Bible verse look-up, puzzles and kids-only zone.

More Christianity Sites