Young Americans for Freedom
Official site of the national organization, highlighting current activism and issues as well as the group's history. Links to local organizations, profiles of board members, and membership forms also available.

Young Socialists
European Community Organisation of Socialist Youth (ECOSY)

Young Democrats of America
Designed to deliver valuable information about how to become part of a new generation of Democratic political activists. Choose or Lose
Mobilizing young voters to get registered,learn about candidates, and vote.

YPA - Young Politicians of America
Founded to expand the democratic experience to the youth in the United States.

Young Liberals of Canada
Youth wing of the party provides input on policy. Lists the executives of the YLC, policies and events. Online registration allows individuals to join.

Green Party of California Youth Caucus
The Youth Caucus helps ensure that issues appear on the to Green Party of California's platform and its candidates will represent young members of the party.

Young Greens
Information and resources for teenagers and students interested in the Green Party (UK) and its campaigns

Youth Greens Mailing List
Yahoo group for youth and students involved in the U.S. Green Party/Movement who are committed to organizing for a stronger student/youth Green presence.

United Nations Youth Association of New Zealand
Youth based non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting the United Nations and its ideals to a youth audience. Includes message boards, calendar, and related links.

More Political Sites