Matthew Henson
A student's report on this explorer's life.

Matthew Henson
Offers a look at the obstacles Henson had to overcome to be recognized for his role in reaching the North Pole.

Legend of the Arctic: Matthew Henson
Offers a comprehensive biography and timeline. Includes a recording of a radio show done to discuss the contributions of Matthew Henson and his struggle to gain recognition, as well as a tribute created by elemenary school children.

National Geographic News: Matthew Henson
Photo gallery of the longtime companion of Admiral Robert Peary.

African-American North Pole Explorer Matthew Henson
National Geographic article ponders whether Henson, Peary's African American companion, actually reached the summit before Peary.

Matthew Henson: Arctic Explorer
Information and photos about an African-American Arctic adventurer who accompanied Admiral Robert Peary on several expeditions attempting to reach the North Pole.