Anabolic Steroids in Sports
Side effects, athletes caught abusing, and a special look at the effects of steroids on teenagers.

In English, Spanish, and French, a look at banned substances, why people do steroids, signs that someone is abusing, how they are used, effects, and other drugs that athletes can abuse. From the Junior Tennis League of the International Tennis Foundation.

Made by a biology student. Includes vocabulary, effects, why people use steroids, and mistakes made by steroid abusers.

What Steroids Can Do to You
Includes an overview of the history of steroid abuse in the athletics circles, side effects, and links to other sites offering steroid abuse information.

Introduction to Steroids
An eighth grader's report on steroids, including sections on how and why they're used, side effects, statistics, and a bibliography.

Overview of what medical steroids are, signs of use, dangers, and stories of use.

If Looks Could Kill
A webquest challenging students to investigate steroids and creatine.