Consumer Product Safety Commission
Brain Busters quiz, comic book, and activities teaching home, bicycle, and outdoors safety tips for children.

National Capital Poison Center
Teaches kids and teens about household poisons, chemicals, and dangerous plants. Poison prevention, first aid, and information for what to do in case of emergency.

Kids Stuff Let's Play it Safe
Features lessons on safety along with information about the police and fire departments, safety events and important tips and tricks. Coloring pages and activities.

LAFD.- Safety City
Learn about youth safety programs, what to do during an emergency, and water safety from the city of Los Angeles.

911 Safety Rage
Water, hiking, and fire safety tips brought to kids through games, activities, and stories.

New Jersey Poison Information and Education System
Fun environment to educate kids of all ages on health, safety and environmental concerns like, carbon monoxide and lead poisoning.

Florida Children's Safety Center
Questions and answers to help kids protect themselves and handle emergencies.

Kidd Safety
Play games with Kidd Safety while learning safety tips for home and play.

Reddy's Safety Zone
Educational safety games for kids to help them be safe while bike riding, playing sports, and walking to school.

Freedom Knot
Learn a new safe way to tie your own shoes with easy to follow steps, music, dance, and free games.

More Safety Sites