Mann's Kids Club
Broccoli fun facts, games, coloring book, history of the vegetable, and recipes.
California Strawberryville
Offers strawberry related clubs for kids, stories, strawwordy searches, painting lessons, recipes, and games.

FDA Center For Food Safety and Nutrition
Healthy eating and food safety coloring pages, games, activities, songs, and quizzes for kids.

Burger Town
A safe site for kids with kid-created beef recipes, nutrition fun facts, and quizzes and information on food safety and fitness.

Omega 3
Omega-3 the ultimate nutrition source for omega 3 fatty acids.

The Popcorn Board
Trace the history, learn geography, and play games featuring popcorn as a healthy snack.

Eaten Alive: The Journey of a Biomolecule
Includes biographies for biomolecules, recycling, and a virtual journey through the digestive tract.

Fresh Starts
A nutrition resource for kids featuring the vitamin superheroes Team Antioxidant. There's an interactive fridge, online games, and recipes.

The Fruit Pages
Educational fruit information, including ten reason to eat fruit, the fruit alphabet, and a newsletter.

My School Lunch
Provides nutritional information about school lunches. Includes a description of how the meals are cooked, what is on the menu, and games.

Food Students
Puzzles, quizzes, role-play and information about food production, nutrition and biotechnology.

More Nutrition Sites