The Unjumbler
Word jumble puzzle solver and anagram finder.

Tween Talk Madlibs
Have fun using your imagination and creating your own stories with madlibs.

Wireless Power Word Game
Challenging word jumbles posted every week.

Piece of Pi MadLibs
Featuring a collection of madlib stories and poetry.
Creating interactive stories from user inputs. Possibility to add a dialect; also different categories and polls.

NOVA: Decoding Nazi Secrets
Crack the ciphers, send a coded message, and find out what goes on in the minds of code-breakers.

Smurf the Web
The WebSmurfer will translate any web page into Smurf jargon.

Jim Kalb's Palindrome Connection
A collection of links to web pages about palindromes -- phrases that spell the same forwards as backwards, like "Able was I ere I saw Elba".

Kid Crosswords and Other Puzzles
Choose from several puzzles created just for kids. New puzzles each month.

Lost in Translation
Enter a sentence to have it translated from English to five different languages and back. The result is often funny; nothing like the original sentence.