- Review
Review, by Stu Furlong: "Graphically, [the game] is beautiful." Includes screen shots.

ArmChair Empire - Review
Review, by Omni: "Rent or buy - it's a definite must play." [Score: 8.9 out of 10]

IGN - Dinosaur Planet Kisses N64 Goodbye
News: "Sources close to Rare finally confirm that the company's 3D Zelda killer is a GameCube launch title."

IGN - Dinosaur Planet (N64)
Provides information, news, and a preview.

VGLN - Preview
Preview, by Julius Bautista: "Sporting Zelda-style exploration, fully spoken dialogue, a grand visual facelift, and some new flight combat levels, StarFox Adventures has made a lovely transition to GameCube."

Includes a review, previews, news, movies, cheats, hints and screen shots.