Little Bear Quest
Classic Adventure Game for Kids and Parents

Sean's Exquisite Game Page
A selection of old DOS games, including Duke Nukem, Hugo, and Space Quest.

Thirsty Nellan
A graphical point-and-click adventure for children. Includes downloads, and information.

A multi-player arcade game where each player controls a viper.

Free Childrens' Xmas game
Santa, the reindeer and Santa's helpers must be lined up at the green door to go out into Santa's Parade.

A selection of downloadable fan games.

Pacman for Kids
An easier version of Pacman. Includes information and a download.

Teddy Games
PC games for children including Teddy Adventures 3D and UFO Sokoban 3D.

Children's Games
Download free, simple original games for children programmed with Delphi.

Horses and Trains
Provides downloadable educational games, including "The Math Race" and "Train Game".