3rd Rock from the Sun
The official website, with rock talk, behind the rock, episode guides and cast information.

Slimetime Live plays daily on Nick. Join host Dave Aizer as slime and pies fly across the set.

Lizzie McGuire
Official Disney Channel site for Lizzie McGuire starring Hilary Duff. Play the Dance Party game, send email and help dress up Lizzie.

Maybe It's Me
Molly Stage's family is beyond embarrassing in WB's comedy series. Episode guide, fashion game, all the dirt on her awful family, and ecards.

The Official SM:TV site. Learn about the tv guests, play online games, and participate in polls.

Street Smarts
The comedy game show where contestants have to prove how smart they are. Show times, mini online game, details on becoming a contestant.

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
The site for the popular comedy about a teenaged witch who tries to fit in with her human neighbors. Includes an episode guide, cast biographies, and photographs.

Round the Twist
The Twist family moves to an old lighthouse and quickly discover that some pretty funny ghosts and weird goings-on are the norm. The site has episode synopses, info about cast members, and polls.

Our Hero
Kale writes a zine called Our Hero, in this comedy series about a young woman's rants and raves about her family, her boyfriend, her job and the world at large. Quizzes, episode guide, and online games.

My Parents Are Aliens
Two aliens crash-land on earth and try to act human... including adopting three earth kids.

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