Includes software, links, a forum, movies, Windows themes, cartoons, and stories.

Beginners' Central
A chapter-by-chapter guide to the Internet.

Best of the Web Directory
A directory guide to the best quality websites including BOTW Computer Directory.

The Web Tutorial
Find out about all sorts of internet terms like guestbooks, search engines, and browser skills.

Dynamic Internet environment for children. Make homepages, create works of art, find homework help, and solve mysteries.

Kids Internet Radio
Committed to sharing children's music, stories, and art from around the world through the Internet.

Surfing Safely on the Internet
Second and third grade students tell what the Internet is, explain how to navigate it, list the benefits of it, and share seven online safety rules.

How to Bookmark a Page
Offers a guide on how to bookmark a web page.

Learn Internet basics and get inside tips from your favorite Looney Tunes characters.

Yahooligans! Glossary
Offers a glossary of Internet terms.

Internet For Kids
Site for kids who want to learn about the Internet and the World Wide Web.

Web Hosting India
Offers web hosting and reseller hosting at affordable cost.

More Internet Sites