Focus on Photography
Basic Photography with examples: Camera basics, composition, history, types of photography, lighting reference material, and a self-test.
Teaches photographers how to take better photos. Includes tips on improving technique, digital imaging, shooting in black and white, camera comparisons, and a Q&A section.

Bob Miller's Light Walk
Learn about unique discoveries in the world of light, shadow and images.

National Geographic's Photography: Camera Bag
Reveals the tricks and secrets of National Geographic's photo engineering department. Also gives pointers on shooting better photographs.

The Daguerreian Society
Dedicated to the history, science, and art of the daguerreotype; an early photographic process with the image made on a light-sensitive, silver-coated metallic plate. Features galleries, resources, and information.

Guide to Kids Digital Camera for Photo Fun and Learning
Offers digital photo ideas for fun and learning using digital cameras various image techniques. Also compares and reviews digital cameras for kids and families.

National Geographic Trick Photography
A site that shows you how to spot trick photography and faked photos.

New York Institute of Photography's Tips for Better Pictures
Advice on shooting holiday light displays, photos in low light areas, and other tricky situations. Also offers historical information and a photographer spotlight.

Making Photographs
A tutorial that focuses primarily on light and subjects and composition. Discusses light, lenses, filem, exposure, and cameras.
Offers free articles covering different photography techniques. Also includes workshops and tips and tricks for paying members.