80 acres near Geneva, FL
Efforts to turn a bunch of pine trees, palmettos and wire grass into a home. Provides photos and history.

Juniper Creek Farm
Fred and Cherylyn Morgan return to simple living and offer advice and resources.

Puetz Family Ranch
Ralph and Christine Puetz family ranch, raising bulldogs, pugs, beef cows, and pastured chickens.

Lost Creek Botanicals, Washington
Offering herbal products, bulk dried herbs, lichen resources and regional information.

Bagwell Funny Farm
A small family farm raising Nigerian Dwarf and Fainting goats along with an assortment of other farm animals.

Lake Anna
A resident's perspective with information on lake living, history, fishing, boating, camping, resources realtors, and maps.

Justine Tennant and Ian Teeling
Personal experiences and history of Liverpool, Widnes and the North West of England.

Sheila's Dream House
From Chicago to Las Cruces experience shared with comments and graphics.

Our NW Oregon Log Home
An online photo album of the construction of a log home located in the foothills of the Oregon Coast Range.

The Vichy Connection
Life in a small french village.

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