This Is Money: The Complete Guide to Pensions
General article about pensions as well as links to articles about divorce and pensions and FAQs.

This Is Money: Topping up Your State Pension
Questions and answers about state pensions.

Legal Information Institute: Pension Law: An Overview
Includes links to federal and New York statutes, as well as several paragraphs explaining pension law.

Benefits Canada: Pensions
Articles on various aspects of retirement funds.

West Virginia Consolidated Public Retirement Board
Responsible for the administration of all state retirement plans for educational employees, public employees, judges, and public safety personnel.

Pension Rights Center
Advocacy group for pensions for America's workers. The Center analyses pension policy, advocates for legislation in Congress, and educates the public and the media about the importance of adequate pensions. Activities, FAQ, publications, and contact information.

Cash Pensions
Multi-company employee organization focusing on retirement preservation and labor issues for US workers.

The Fool's Guide to Pensions
Specific to the UK but also has general information.

A Predictable, Secure Pension for Life
Definitions, checklists, trends in pensions; an informational site produced by a commercial guaranty corporation.

Pensions and Divorce
Although this site is focused on pension rights and obligations in the divorce process, it has some good general definitions and information for any reader.