About Disability Insurance
Offers articles and defines terms used within various disability policies.

Reduce stress and combat high levels of cortisol.

AHRQ: Checkup on Health Insurance Choices
Describes health insurance types, choices, and terms, from a consumer perspective. By the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, US Department of Health and Human Services.

Women and Job Based Health Benefits
Claims, workers rights, and health benefits as they relate to women. From the US Department of Labor.

Senior Health Insurance Counseling
Information on Medicare and related programs including Medigap, HMOs, Medicaid, and long term care.

COBRA Health Plan Advice
Compares COBRA and private health insurance. Other topics include employee notification, when to elect, and government investigator contacts. Offers an active discussion forum.

How to Choose Health Care Coverage
Brief explanations of different kinds of health insurance, produced by the Hope Heart Institute.

Families USA: Information for Consumers
Nonprofit advocacy organization offers many useful links to information about how to find, choose, and use quality health coverage.

Health Insurance Resource Center
Resources for the self-employed to understand their health insurance. Includes glossary of industry terms, tips, FAQs on individual health insurance, and risk pool information.

Better Homes & Gardens: Health Insurance
Offers several articles about health insurance from a family perspective.

AHRQ: Children's Health 1996
Study by the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. It offers statistics, conclusions, and looking ahead at children's healthcare.

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