Offers general and aisle-by-aisle grocery shopping tips.

Budget 101
Mix recipes, copycat recipes, decorating ideas and craft projects. Features newsletters and tips and tricks.

Frugal Finesse
Dedicated to getting the most out of life and with the least amount of money. Features a newsletter.

Frugal Living in the UK
Offers frugal living tips. Features recipes, home care, outings and finance.

Frugal Homemaker
Offers tips, advice, and articles for better resources management. Features a newsletter.

Frugal Families
Focuses on supporting the family unit thru simple, frugal living and homesteading. Features recipes, articles, tips, printable forms and holiday ideas.

What You Need to Know About Frugal Living
Offers articles on getting away from the consumer mindset. Features chat, a newsletter and a forum.

BellaOnline - Frugal Living
Tips, internet deals, coupon codes, links and articles on saving money. Features a forum and chat.

Frugal Family
Practical ideas for frugal living. Features discussion and article archives.

Budget Stretcher
Offers a system for budgeting, organizing files and paying bills. Features a newsletter.

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