Moth Protection For Woolen Apparel
Discusses methods for protecting woolen apparel from moth damage. Includes storage information.

Fabric Link - Fabric Care Center
Offers a stain removal guide, laundry tips, information on storing garmets and special care topics. Features FAQ.

Removing Skunk Odor from Clothing
Discusses options for removing skunk odor from clothing. Includes information about commercial products.

Care and Stain Removal
Advice for fabric problems. Features FAQ.

Stain Guide
Solutions to common stain problems using readily available household cleaning items.

Tide Stain Detective
Advice on stain removal built around Tide brand products, but still gives valuable tips.

Clothing Labels
Discusses clothing care labels.

Chemical Spots, Stains and Discoloration of Home Furnishings
Tips and advice for preventing fabric problems on home furnishings.

Stain Removal for Washable Fabrics
Suggestions for removing stains from washable fabrics. Includes removal techniques and guides.

Fabricology: The Science of Fabric Care
An alliance of universities and textile-industry companies presents research on how to care for different kinds of fabrics. Includes case studies [PDF].