Energy Efficient Windows
Benefits of energy-efficient windows, descriptions of how they work, and recommendations for their selection and use. Covers numerous glazing, frame, and operating types with detailed technical specifications and illustrations.

MSN House and Home: Install a Patio Door
Step-by-step instructions for removing an old patio door, selecting a new one, and installing it. Includes materials and tools list and illustrations.

Missouri Extension Office
Instructions for replacing a broken window.

The Old House Web
How to fix balky doors, out-of-plumb doors, pocket doors and weatherstripping.

Handyman USA - Doors and Windows
Articles on squaring a frame, locks, sills, glazing, and sliding glass doors.

Genie Garage Door Openers
Troubleshooting chart.

Hometime: Windows and Doors
Tutorial covering styles and options, general installation instructions, and specialty installation instructions for Tilt-Pac windows, roof windows, and garage doors. Photographs, cautionary notes, and a windows and doors glossary.

Learn to install and replace garage doors and kitchen cabinets for your home.