MSN Learning & Research: Welding
Encarta Encyclopedia article explaining the different kinds of welding and their effects.

Music Technology Handouts: Soldering
Illustrated tutorial for sound engineers and music technologists.

Notes on Soldering
Notes and steps on soldering, apparently from a college course.

Soldering Basics
Advice about soldering, resoldering, and workmanship.

Densely written but informative article about the basics of soldering, materials, and solder bonds.

Sculptural Art Railings
Illustrated tutorial on how to silver solder copper to steel to create cattails for sculptural art railings.

Soldering Process
Quick little course in soldering basics.

Electronic Construction - Tools and Soldering
Part of a larger tutorial on building ham radio equipment, this page gives the basics of soldering.

Help on Soldering
Tips from the Undergraduate laboratory, Electrical Engineering Dept., University of Pennsylvania.

The Basic Soldering Guide
The Basic Soldering Guide by Alan Winstanley, a step-by-step guide to basic soldering techniques with photos.

More Welding and Soldering Sites