Porcupine Press
Chart for Ohm's law. Illustrated tutorial on bending conduit.

Boyce's Electrical References Explanations
Articles on safety, wiring, switches, motors, and transformers.

Electricians Toolbox
Professional site includes hundreds of tips, theory, formulas, software, and forum.

Installing a Ceiling Fan
Instructions and tips on installation. Includes drawings.

Electrical Online
Wiring projects and topics, including diagrams and illustrations.

Wiring for Power Quality
Table illustrates some of the new wiring practices recommended vs. outdated methods.

Home Wiring
Instructions on how to wire 3 or 4 way switches, fan/light combo, pools, garage, hottubs, dwellings, and National Electrical Code compliance.

MSN House and Home: Electrical
Overview of electrical systems and components within the home, including circuit breakers, fuses, outlets, light fixtures, wall switches, cords, and plugs. Illustrations and safety-minded tips for solving common problems and completing easy repairs.

Faqs.org: Electrical Wiring FAQs
FAQs for electrical wiring, including definitions, resources, tips, techniques, and safety information.

Home Telephone Wiring and Telephone Installation
FAQs and tips explaining how to connect telephones and computers, repair home phone wiring, and diagnose telephone and line noise problems.

More Electrical Sites