Sound Home Resource Center
In-depth articles on topics related to improvement, care, and maintenance.

Arthur Hewett
Factsheets on purchasing a new system, determining proper size, ductwork, grilles, and a glossary of industry terms.

Searchable database provided by Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Learn Ductwork
Illustrated tutorial on fabricating sheet metal ductwork.

Software allows input of data from instrument readings and gives solution to the problem. Definition and help section provides additional information about concepts and functions. Demonstration version available.
Information on heating system operation, components, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Devices include thermostats, humidistats, air cleaners and humidifiers. Everything from manuals to troubleshooting guides to programming instructions to product support.

Big Blu Manual
Tutorial illustrating step by step procedures for finding refrigerant leaks.

Novia Heating Oil
Homeowner checklist for oil furnace malfunction.

Carbon Monoxide Alert
Comprehensive site includes safe/unsafe practices, effects, detector placement, and discussion.

More Climate Control Sites