Technologies 4 Homes
Technologies 4 Homes is dedicated to helping people get started in the field of home automation, among other technological touches people can add to their homes.

Home Automation FAQ
An interactive FAQ covering a variety of home automation topics.

Home Automation Community
Message boards and other home automation information including industry news, hi-tech homebuilders, products, where to buy and reviews.

X-10 Ideas
Installation ideas and tips as well as troubleshooting advice and other resources.

HiddenWires, A Guide To High-End Home Entertainment and Automation
A resource for those planning, designing, installing and using high-end home entertainment and automation. From helping to locate suitable products and services, to informing through news, case studies and articles.

The Micro-Bus Domotica Project
Site describing a home built domotica system.

Connected Home Online
How-to articles, forums and other resources about home networking, mobile computing, electronics, home automation, and wireless.

Integer Project
Provides information about a project carried out in UK for building an intelligent home.

Custom Electronics Installer
We're a community and portal devoted to the custom electronics installation industry. Through news, unique content and discussion forums, our goal is to bring you the best in custom electronics information.

Home Toys Inc.
Comprehensive information and guide on home automation and networking.

More Automation Sites