Iron Chlorosis
Explains iron chlorosis in trees and plants, and how to correct it.

Understanding the Soil Processes
Information about soil composition and the biological processes occurring within the soil.

Foster's Sustainable Organic Soil Program
Resources to learn the importance of using natural products to take care of the soil ecosystem.

Lead Contamination In The Garden, HYG-1149-93
Ohio State University

About Compost
Describes composting as natural recycling, which occurs on a continuous basis in the natural environment.

Physical Characteristics of Growing Mixes, HYG-1251-97
From Ohio State U.

Soil Management
A number of publications (in PDF format) dealing with topics about soil.

Soil Testing is an Excellent Investment for Garden Plants and Commercial Crops, HYG-1132-99
Ohio State University

Improving Soils For Vegetable Gardening, HYG-1602-92
Ohio State University

Improving Soil
Instructions for improving soil. Includes soil components, soil testing and soil amendments.