University of Maine Bulletin
Information on fertilizers to supplement nutrients in the soil.

Fertilizing Landscape Plants
Explains the necessities of fertilizing plants.

Fertilizing Woody Ornamentals
Explains the best way to fertilize these types of plants.

Soils and Soil Management
Offers a database and search function of a range of articles about fertilizers.

Convenience Fertilizers For Home Landscapes
Information on fertilizing shrubs and trees on home lanscapes.

Extremely Green Gardening Company
Online source for organic gardening products including fertilizers, biological pest control, soil test kits.

Island Lawn and Garden
Concise discussion about organic and inorganic fertilizing along with a number of lawn fertilization topics.

Fertilizers for Container Crops
Explains the basics for fertilizing certain types of potplants.

Fertilizer Use
Articles discussing the uses of fertilizer on certain types of plant (in pdf format).

Fertilization of Lawns
Details the benefits of and how to fertilize lawns.

More Fertilizers Sites