Bulbs for Indoor Culture
Information on the indoor culture of bulbs with links.

Backyard Gardener Fall-Planted Bulbs
Care and planting of bulbs that bloom in the spring.

East of Scotland Begonia Society
Information and news on the society, articles on many aspects of begonia growing with photographs.

Suite101.com: Naked Ladies Everywhere You Turn
From California Gardening, an article about Amaryllis belladona or belladonna lilies, also called Naked Ladies.

Tulip World - Bulb Care Information
Features bulb information.

Rochester Gardening - Bulbs
Bulb information for gardeners, including links to bulb information, a chart of the five groups of bulbs, and care of various kinds of bulbs.

Peter Sharp of the NSW begonia society offers begonia hints and a brief introduction to this versatile plant.

Barbados Plants
Concise history of the Begonia.

Planting Flower Bulbs
Offers articles about various flowers, mostly tuberous and bulb rooted flower plants.

Bulbs - Dividing
Instructions and a chart for when to divide and replant various kinds of bulbs; from Horticulture Solutions Series.

More Bulbs Sites