Pest management
Entomology, nematology, weed science, biological control, and plant pathology .

Bug Smasher Systems
Supplier of automated insect control systems.

Rabbits in the Landscape
Control of rabbits in landscapes.

Neb Guide on Boxelder bugs
Life history and control of boxelder bugs.

Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory
The P&PDL provides identification of pests and problems associated with plants.

Selecting a Reliable Pest Control Firm for Termite Control
Tips on selecting a professional pest control company for termite work. Ohio State University Extension fact sheet.

The Bug Clinic
Do-It-Yourself Pest Control information and pest control products.

Pests and Problems in the Garden
Easy guides to troubleshooting and eliminating many of the most common types of garden and house plant problems and pests.

Integrated Pest Management
Information and tools needed for Integrated Pest Management.

Cornell Extension
Information on plants, insects and diseases.

More Pest and Disease Control Sites