Gardens in Iran ITTO Guide
Government tourist office guide to Iranian gardens

Gardening and Mythology
Mythological references to gardening subjects.

Dutch Gardens and Garden Architecture
Information from the first chapter of a book on Dutch gardens.

The Classical Chinese Garden Society page
The City of Portland, the City of Suzhou, and the Classical Chinese Garden Trust are working together to build the largest Suzhou style garden outside of China.

Spirit of Gardening
Quotes, proverbs, articles, history, humor, links, and resources for the gardener.

The History of Gardening Timeline
An account of gardening from ancient times to the twentieth century organized by time periods with links to supplementary information.

Portland Classical Chinese Garden - Lan Su Yuan
The official site for Lan Su Yuan, Portland's Garden of Awakening Orchids. A traditional Chinese garden built in the heart of Portland.

Gardens and Landscape Design
Images and text on 8 Italian Renaissance Gardens and on Giverny in France

Landscape Virtual Gallery.
A catalog of 8000 slides about parks and gardens in Europe.

Our Vegetable Travelers
A history of garden vegetables, orginally published in National Geographic (1949), and reprinted here as a special feature.

More History Sites