Norwegian Rose Society
If you can read Norwegian, plant sources, public rose gardens in Norway, links to other rose sites, books, a gallery of pictures from members' gardens, and other resources.

Heritage Roses New Zealand Incorporated
To ensure the preservation and continued existence of old roses, nurtures interest in the beautiful roses of the past.

Gold Coast Heritage Rose Group
California heritage roses group founded 2001.

The Franklin District Rose Society
A rose society in New Zealand. Has many good links for gardens and photos.

Canadian Rose Society
Society news and membership information for those wishing to join.

New Zealand Rose Society
Society and membership information for those wishing to join.

Heritage Roses Group
Encourages the growing of roses introduced into commerce before 1867. Publishes a quarterly newsletter.

Oyama Rose Society
Rose society in Oyama, Japan. Local information, rose show results, and links to international rose society sites.

The Rose Society of Victoria, Inc.
The Rose Society of Victoria, Australia. Links to nurseries, rose-growing advice, other societies, the Australian Rose Breeders Association, and gardens in Australia.

Finnish Rose Society
Founded 1989. May be read in Finnish, Swedish, and English.