Father's World
Information, resources, support, and education for fathers and their families.

Fathers' Involvement References
U.S. Department of Education's Center for Education Statistics (NCES), publication list: 98-091 / Fathers' Involvement in Their Children's Schools/ References.

CYFC FatherNet
Children, Youth and Family Center's information on the importance of fathers. Offers tips to help men be more effective parents.

Fathers Resource Center
We exist to provide the community with fathering information, education, support, and prevention programs focused on positive parenting.

National Center for Fathering
Because of the trend toward fatherlessness in America, the Center was founded in 1990 by Dr. Ken Canfield to conduct research on fathers and fathering and encourage and enable men to be fathers.

Aims to build community for fathers online to network, share experiences and learn from one another.

DfES - Dads and Sons
Dads and Sons website, where you can gain advice, tips and hints on how to get more involved in your son's education.

Fatherhood on About.com
Annotated web links for fathers, ranging from local playgroups to national programs to world-wide organizations.

Precious Moments
A beautifully written article about a father and his son and the special moments.

1st SPOT Fatherhood
On fatherhood, first time fathers, at home dads and single fathers. Lots of links to fathering sites.

More Fathers Sites