Drug Awareness
Put out by the PTA, this includes a quiz, several fact sheets, a drug chart about illicit drugs, and related resources and links for parents.

Dealing With Adolescent Experimentation
An article that discusses how best to communicate with your child about drinking.

The Anti-Drug
Parenting tips newsletter produced by the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

Teenage Drug Use and Abuse Prevention
Information on specific drugs, how to talk to teenagers about drug use and abuse, and treatment for abuse, from About.com.

Drugfree Teens
A drug prevention site for parents and teachers with free educational drug photos of actual drugs seized from teenagers.

People and Drugs
Online drug addiction advice, drug recovery videotape and an anti-drug lecture series.

A Parent's Guide on Drug Abuse
Offers information and articles on drugs, drug abuse, and signs of drug use, to help parents discuss drugs and their effects, with their children.

Parenting IS Prevention
PIP offers information, advice, and tools to guide parents in helping their children make healthy, drug-free choices.

Parenting With Dignity
Information resource focusing on warning signs of drug abuse and gang violence.