Twin Mommies
A mailing list for anything and everything related to pregnancy, birth and raising twin children.

Double Blessings
An email list and message board for those with twins, triplets, quadruplets or higher order multiples. Message archives available to members.

Special Needs Twins
A list for anyone that has twins or multiples where one or more has special needs.

Army Mom of Twins
This mom runs a list for those whose families are in the military and have twins.

Angel Twin Moms
A list for parents who have lost one or more of their multiples to get support.

Triplets E-Mail List
An active and long-running e-mail discussion group for parents of triplets or other higher order multiples.

IVF Twins
A list for anyone who has gone through IVF (In-vitro Fertilization) and become pregnant with twins.

Teen Parents to Two Or More
If you're a teen parent of twins or higher multiples, join this list for support.

Boy And Girl Twins
A mailing list for parents with boy/girl twins.

Mothers of Twins/Muliples
A place to get support for parents of twins and multiples.