Yahoo! Groups: Mandolyn_Valley
Fictional characters in a town called Mandolyn, Montana. The Shadona quadruplets attend a private school about ten miles from their home. They live on a ranch with their parents, and each quad has their own horse and each is responsible for daily chores.

Julia and Robbie: The Disaster Twins
Story of a brother and sister and the hurricane they endure.

The Carlson Septuplets
A site about the fictional Carlson Septuplets, 7 identical sisters. Stories, message board, voting booth, and other interactivities.

Twins Poetry
A large collection of poetry about twins.

The Clorenson's
A series story about a fictional family of 16 girls, including a set of 10 year old triplets.

Mirror Images
Read about the Namsell quintuplets, treated differently since birth because of their uniqueness. But different personalities, and conflicting ways of life have set them apart, but will it tear them apart?

The Lost Sisters
The story of Becka, Belle, Brenda, Brooklyn, and Byanka and how they found out the hidden truth that they were quintuplets.

Twins Together Book
Twins Together is a story about the unique experience of being a multiple, the special joys and struggles of twinship. It is a thirty-two page children's book, written for ages 2-6 in rhyming verse.