Family Resources
Family resources, better parenting, discipline, child development, protecting children on line, blocking software and children with special needs are some of the topics covered.

Offers information for parents about education, health, family, home, lifestyles, books, pregnancy, parenting tips, message boards, healthy cooking, local links and resources.

Nanny's Notes: for Parents & Grandparents
A free weekly email newsletter for parents, grandparents and others who love and care for children. Topics include safety, health, crafts, books and fun web sites.

Child and Family Canada
A unique Canadian public education website providing a virtual library of articles on parenting, child development, health, social concerns, safety and family issues.

Parenting With Dignity
Parents learn new effective parenting skills; provides a source of information for parents, giving them the tools necessary to create an encouraging, and loving home for their children

The Family Connection
Strengthening families with articles and information. Family room, parenting connection, food storage, genealogy, kids, charity, Country Cottage, seniors, health, and forums. Sponsored by Alan Osmond's One Heart Foundation.

Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) Survey and Information Site.
Survey and information site. Family leave resources, general information and statistics.

The Children's Aid Society of Brant
Canadian site offering information on foster parenting, adoption, community outreach and various government links.

John and Helen Burns answer questions about family, raising kids and successful relationships.

The Vanier Institute of the Family
A resource on Canadian family trends.

More Family Resources and Support Sites