Nappy Information Service
Facts and information about disposable nappies and diapers for parents with babies, health professionals and the media.

Katie's Kisses~Cloth Diapering
Cloth diapering is best for your baby. Information on cloth diapering and a list of work-at-home mothers selling cloth diapering products.

SAH-AP FAQ on Diapers
The SAH-AP (Stay-At-Home, Attachment Parenting) Mailing List's frequently asked questions about diapering.

Cloth Nappies
Information on washable cloth nappies.

Edinburgh Real Nappy Network
A resource for those interested in the promotion and use of cloth diapers (nappies).

The Nappy Lady
Resource for anyone interested in alternatives to disposables - explains the choices available, advantages of real nappies and practical use tips.

Leicestershire Real Nappy Network
Provides information on the benefits of using cloth nappies.