Adoption Council of Canada
Dedicated to finding homes for Canada's waiting children. Includes news, publications, legislation, events, research, viewpoints, and newsletters.

Precious Kids Adoption
Features a registry of waiting families wanting to adopt, mailing list, articles, and information about scams.

National Adoption Center
Portal to photo listings and resources, including chat, online courses, and articles.

Adoption Web Ring
A public service ring dedicated to the best interests of adoption triad members.

Megilligan's Island
Information on special needs adoption and foster care in central Kentucky.

Famous and Remarkable Adoptees, Foster Children and Others
Short profiles, many with bibliographical and hypertext links, of famous or influential people who were adopted, fostered or otherwise raised by people other than their birth parents.

Texas Coalition for Adoption Resources and Education
Advocates adoption laws that are in the best interest of all adoptees. Includes the Texas Adoption Registry, discussion forums, articles, newsletters and statistics.

Adoption InterLink UK
General adoption information, articles, links to related resources, and notice board.

PACT: An Adoption Alliance
Adoption-related services for children of color, their birthparents, and their adoptive parents.

Child Of My Dreams
Offers infertility and adoption information and support. Includes a discussion of common myths, newsletters, and message boards.

More Adoption Sites