Rex and Carol
Family of three praying for a second baby to adopt.

Rick and Martina
General information about an Arizona couple hoping to adopt a second child.

Rick and Toni
Christian family wanting to adopt a baby from any country.

Rick and Tim
California couple looking to adopt a child present their thoughts on parenting, general profile, and photos.

Ray and Donna
Christian couple seeking to adopt their first child through open adoption.

Richard and Cora
Photos and a Dear Birthmother letter from a family of three looking to adopt a baby girl.

Robin and Jay
Photo album, Dear Birthmother letter and profile of a couple looking to start a family in the Pacific Northwest by adopting a newborn baby.

Randy and Twyla
Letter with many pictures from a married waiting adoptive couple in Tennessee to prospective Birth Parents. They share lots of information about their past, lifestyle, and dreams of how they would parent a baby.