Helping Kids Cope
Offers financial assistance to birth mothers, adoptive parents and children in foster care. Based in Nashville, Tennessee (United States). Includes applications for awards, information about volunteering, and FAQs.

Adoption Problems - Advice Network
Raising awareness of the difficult issues and dangers that face adopters today.

Post Adoption Center for Education and Research
Non-profit organization providing peer support, information, education and advocacy for any person touched by adoption.

International Adoptive Families
Not-for-profit family support organization whose members have adopted transculturally and/or transracially. Based in Albany, New York.

Hands Around The World
Support group whose focus is culture for families who touched by cross-cultural adoption. Includes calendar, newsletters, and information about camps.

Post Adoption Resource Centre (PARC)
Provides support and counselling services for those affected by adoption in New South Wales, Australia. Includes calendar of events, stories, and information about searching.

Indians Adopting Indian Children
Offers support, information and resources.

North East Post Adoption Service
Offers support, advice and guidance to individuals affected by adoption. Based in North Shields, United Kingdom. Organization profile, membership details and links to related content are presented.

After Adoption
Post-adoption support services. Based in Manchester, England. Includes list of services for adults and children and contact details.

Advocacy for Native Adoptees
Working to helping Native adoptees overcome personal identity crises, rediscover their roots, and build links with their original community. Includes message board and newsletter.

More Support Sites