International Adoption Information
Offers information for families interested in adopting children from foreign countries.

Inter-Country Adoption Registry (ICAR)
Database designed for international adoption registry and providing adoptive families objective, uncensored information on organizations involved in adoption.

Pergamon Film and Video
Produces and edits travel videos for parents of internationally adopted children. Testimonials and ordering details are included.
Provides country-by-country resources for countries with international adoption programs. Includes information about relevant laws, message boards, photolistings of adoptable kids, and links to related professional services.

Worldwide Orphans Foundation
Organization that identifes immediate and longterm medical, developmental, social and emotional needs of children living in orphanages abroad.

Adoptions International
A pre-adoption medical clearing house for international adoptions. Services include review of medical records and a written medical opinion regarding health of potential adoptees. Includes information about fees.

Rainbow Kids On Line Magazine
An International Adoption on line magazine. Contains photolistings, relevant articles, and personal adoption stories.

Immigration Issues
Extensive information on international adoption, procedures by country, INS requirements and documentation, green cards and naturalization for the child, and social and emotional issues.

There's Always Hope!
Chicago adoption document processing and visa courier. Serving the Consulates of: China, Guatemala, India, Ukraine and the Illinois Secretary of State Department for dossier authentications.

US State Department Adoption Information
Information and online publications provided by US State Department.

More International Sites