The Recipe Link
Recipes, daily menus, daily news, fora, and newsletter.
Cooking source for recipes, food news and features, and culinary products.

911 Chef Eric
Features recipes, a culinary dictionary, a newsletter, and a virtual cooking school.

Aunt Lynnie's Kitchen
Features recipes, cooking tips, emergency ingredient substitutions, and information on how to fix cooking goofs such as sticky rice or lumpy gravy.

The Internet Food Channel
Food information, recipes, entertainment, trend information, dining advice, and food discussions.

In The Weedz
A web resource for the chef or food service personnel with history, tips and information.

The Kitchen at
Providing tips and tricks, conversion tables, discussion boards, and recipes.
Recipes, cooking tips, food forums, articles, columns, contests, and product offers.

My Dear Chef
Recipes, drinks, sharing, foodtips; recipes from all over the world.

Recipes, meal planning and menus.