Native American Recipes
Three bread recipes provided by Greg Flys With Eagles.

Native American Recipes
Some of One Feather's favorite Native American recipes, such as Succotash and Blueberry Popovers.

Cherokees of California Cookbook
Eight traditional recipes contributed by the Cherokees of California.

Traditional Tsalagi Recipes
Recipes from the Southeast Kituwah Nation, such as Leather Breeches and Succotash.

Native American Recipes
Recipe for pemmican, boiled corn, and wild green salad.

Aleut Recipes
Small collection of recipes, most featuring seal.

Kwakuitl Recipes
How to catch and cook sea slugs, prepare halibut heads and fresh salmon, and the proper method to cook a whale.

Valley View School Grade 3 Project
This Saskatchewan, Canada elementary class provides recipes for M├ętis bannock and minsapwee.

Native Smokes
Native American recipes, such as Apache Fried Rabbit, Bannock and BBQ Raccoon.

Native Recipes - Wiisiniwan
Large number of Native American recipes using traditional ingredients.

More Native American Sites