Cultural Diversity: Eating in America - Amish
Ohio State University Extension fact sheet providing basic information.

Amish Mennonite Cookbook
Sample recipes taken from the "Amish Mennonite Cookbook" prepared by the ladies of Montezuma, Georgia.

Keagy's Produce - Amish and Mennonite Recipes
Various recipes sorted by main dishes, vegetables, soups and desserts.

Exploring Amish and Mennonite Cuisines
Provides five pages of recipes for various dishes.

Annie's Simple and Easy Amish Recipes
Includes casserole, dessert, cookie, pie, and vegetable recipes.

BIGG Superstore Amish Recipes
Includes dishes for desserts, breakfast meals and breads.

Mennonite Recipes
Easy to make hearty meals reflecting the Mennonite's backgrond of farming; many dishes contain heavy cream.

RecipeLu's Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch Recipes
About thirty recipes, including many for baked goodies.

Amish Recipes
Small collection of recipes, including several for breads and cakes.

Recipe Goldmine Amish Recipes
A collection of Amish, Pennsylvania Dutch, and Shaker recipes.