Kazakh Dishes
Fifteen recipes, such as Baursaki, Chuk-chuk, and Kespe.

Welcome to the Kazakhstan Pavilion!
Pictures of Kazak food products with recipes for horse flesh and stuffed eggplants.

Dish with lamb and noodles, from Igor Novachuk.

Kazakh National Cooking
Complete cookbook with recipes ranging from horseflesh to beestings.

Kazakh Adoptive Families: Cooking and Recipes
Links to sources for Kazakh recipes, cooking, and cookbooks.

Description of a Kazak banquet.

Do You Know How to Make Baursaks?
Several recipes for Kazak fried buns. Kazakh Recipes
Recipes for Gutap, Lamb Dumplings, Lemon Chicken, and Pilav.

Kazakh Dishes
Recipes for Lagman (noodle soup) and Manti (dumplings).