Mo Hotta Mo Betta Recipes
Recipes for assorted dishes which are organized by meal course. All recipes include a name brand sauce as an ingredient.

Bring on the Fire
Offers some background on chiles, as well as some photographs and an assortment of nouvelle recipes.

Pyro Pepper
Offers an assortment of recipes which contain one of the company's products. Also offers a chat board for comments on the subject of spicy cooking.

Gecko Gary's Gourmet Grub
Recipes are categorized by meal course. Provides cooking tips, contact information, a heat scale guide, and a recipe to make your own hot sauce.

Hot Stuff
A collection of proven hot and spicy recipes from around the world.

Dave's Pepper Pages
Includes recipes, suggestions for combining spicy foods with the appropriate drinks, and an extensive and wide array of articles spicy foods.

Hot and Spicy Food
Offers a small assortment of recipes. Preparation instructions are included with each recipe. Also offers users a place to submit their own recipes.

Pepper Fools Chile Pepper Recipes
List of hot and spicy recipes, tips for buying hot sauces and peppers, and includes database of chile pepper products. Also offers recipes in Master Cook format for downloading and importation, and an explanation of the origin of the recipes.