Low Fat Cheesecake Recipes
A small selection of healthy cheesecake recipes developed by Benedictine University's nutrition program.

Dessert Recipes
Includes cheesecakes, candies, cookies, and a variety of frozen desserts.

Low Fat Muffin Recipes
A collection offered by Al and Abigail's Country Place.

Low-Cal Diner Dessert Recipes
A good selection of healthy dessert recipes to choose from.

Chef Point Low Fat Recipes
A wide selection, including cinnamon raspberry muffins, pumpkin spice cake, and chocolate orange roll.

Southern Recipes Desserts
Cakes, puddings, and cobblers are included in this large list.

Chocolate Recipes
Biscotti, brownies, and cheesecake, can be found in this collection of reduced fat recipes.

Brownie Recipes
Over a dozen tasty sounding recipes from the FatFree.com vegetarian mailing list.

Low Fat Dessert Recipes
A small but varied selection of low fat desserts from Thrifty Mom's kitchen.

Low Fat Desserts
A small selection of low fat pie and cheesecake recipes.

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