Christmas Eve Fish Soup
Lobster and shrimps are added to a flavorful fish broth in this holiday recipe.

Livorno's firey fish soup made with the fresh seafood of the day.

Italian Soups
Three basic soups listed.

Spelt Soup
Made with farro, a hard grain popular in Tuscany, this is a simple yet hearty soup.

Italian Soup Recipes
Recipes featured include minestrone, stracciatelli, tortellini soup, lentil and sausage, escarole with meatballs, barley and bean, and chickpea soup.

Pappa al Pomodoro
A rich tomato based Tuscan country soup thickened with bread.

Italian Bean Soup
Simmer this hearty bean-vegetable soup on the range top or in a crockery cooker.

Chunky Italian Vegetable Soup
A vegetarian soup made with a combination of vegetables with pasta added.

Italian Seafood And Meat Soup Recipes
A collection of traditional Italian soups including Zuppa Toscana, Italian wedding Soup, and Triest Style Seafood Soup.