Leek and Potato Soup
Classic base of many French soups, at RecipeSource.

Granny Pantke's French Beans Stew
Made with beef, green beans, and seasonings.

French Beef Stew
A hearty stew, may be served with warm crusty French Bread.

French Lamb Stew
Recipes using lamb chops, white beans, tomatoes, and wine.

Recipe for a French fish chowder using eel, mushrooms, and wine.

Jamie's French Restaurant's Cold Avocado Soup A La Sylvia
Full recipe with chili powder and heavy cream makes two servings, at RecipeSource.

French Stew
Recipe using beef, burgundy, carrots, and green olives.

Roasted Garlic/Chicken Soup
Made with garlic, chicken breast, and wine.

French Soup Recipe Collection
Collection of French soup recipes including Truffle Soup Elysée and Seafood Soup, from About.com.

French Market Bean Soup
Uses a large assortment of dried beans.

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