Won Ton Soup
Presents a full recipe making four servings with nutrition information.

Indian Soups
Recipes in Hindi and English. Traditional soups, exotic recipes, cooking tips, and glossary, at Recipedelights.

Ginger Meatball and Watercress Soup
Presents a full recipe serving ten, at RecipeSource.

Adjustable recipe for a clear soup, at Yumyum.

Picadillo (Ground Beef Soup)
Simple full Filipino dish using pork, potatoes and tomatoes, at Duyan.

Soup and Stew Recipes
A collection of authentic Chinese recipes.

Aash-e Shalgham
With turnip, rice, meat, split peas, mint, and turmeric.

Watercress Soup with Snakehead and Duck Gizzard
Basic instructions for this Asian dish, made with snakehead (a type of fish) and candied dates.

Won Ton Soup
A full recipe making ten to twelve servings, at Therecipebox.

Thai Garlic Soup
A light first course that can either precede an entree or be a small meal by itself.

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