Noodle Soup Recipes
A collection of recipes with links to other soups and items.

The Soup Scoop
About 20 homemade soup and homestyle granola recipes.

Recipe Gal Soups
Indexed recipes for cold gazpachos to winter stews.

Cafeteria Line
Soup and stew recipes presented in an indexed manner, at CDKitchen.

Home and Hearth Soups
A small index of soup recipes.

Stefan's Florilegium - Medieval Soups
Cooking soups at events, recipes and discussion and advice. This document is not indexed.

The Soup Page
Offers a variety of soup recipes and how to make soup stock.

Soup Recipes from 1st Traveler's Choice
Wide selection of soup recipes.

Robbie's Recipes
A collection of soup and stew recipes.

Extensive listing of low fat soups.

More Recipe Collections Sites