Minestrone Soup II
Presents a full recipe making six servings.

Tuscan Minestrone
This recipe makes ten to twelve servings.

Lo Cal Minestrone
This simple recipe makes eight servings.

Fifteen-Minute Minestrone
Can be prepared and ready to serve in about 15 minutes using quick-cook pasta, sliced ham and fresh vegetables.

Minestrone Soup
Full basic recipe making six servings.

Quick Beef Minestrone
Simple recipe serving six, at RecipeSource.

Minnestrone Soup
Full recipe making four servings, at RecipeSource.

Minestrone Soup - Rival's Crock-Pot Slow Cooker Cuisine
A simple recipe serving eight, at RecipeSource.

Minestrone Soup
A simple and easy recipe making six servings.

Upstate Minestrone Soup
Full recipe using Italian sweet sausage; serves eight. From RecipeSource.

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