Summertime Fish Soup
Made with haddock fillets, pepper, fennel seeds, tomato juice, and vegetable broth.

Mediterranean Fish Soup
A simple recipe using fish fillets, carrots, mushrooms, and stewed tomatoes.

Icelandic Halibut Soup
A simple recipe calling for halibut steaks and prunes.

Alaska Halibut Chowder
A basic recipe calling for halibut, onions, green pepers, celery, carrots, and cheese.

Fish Stew
Made with red snapper, potatoes, and tomatoes.

Vietnamese Dilled Tomato-Fish Soup
Simple recipe calling for fish fillets, tomatoes, fish sauce, and celery stalks.

Russian Fish Soup
Recipe using white fish for a light first course serving six.

Fish And Tofu Soup
Made in a wok using fish fillet and tofu.

Peter Wallace's Smoked Bluefish Chowder
Made with bluefish, fresh corn, bacon, and potatoes.

Fisherman's Soup
Made with halibut, tomatoes, saffron, and potatoes. From Recipe Source.

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